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  • Programs



    Schoolwide Guided Reading

    As a part of our reading instruction in our English Language Arts programming, we offer school wide guided reading.   Four times per week students meet in reading groups at their reading level for 45 minutes to work at imporving their reading skills.  This may be with their homeroom teacher, or may be with another teacher or Educational Assistant.  

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  • Parent Groups

    Parent Groups

    At Brightview we are fortunate to have a very active parent community, who financially work to support a variety of field trip opportunities for every student.  

    Parent input is essential in the operation of Brightview School. The parent advisory council meetings provide an opportunity for all parents to:

    -advise the school administration in formulating school policies

    -support the school's programs through volunteer and special projects

    -share information, ideas and concerns

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  • Clubs & Activities

    Clubs & Activities

    **The following are activities for the 2023-2024 school year.**

    -Coyote Pride

    -Free Play(grades 3-6)

    -Running club (grades 3-6)

    -Choir (Division 2)

    -HACK after school programs

    -Art club 



    Student Leadership

    - Morning Announcers

    - Lunch Monitors

    - Buddy Readers

    - Read to Succeed Mentors

    - Recycle Club (grade 4)

    - ATB Board 

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  • School Philosophy

    School Philosophy

    All students will be supported as they work to achieve their individual potential as learners at Brightview.

    We will assist students to develop their intellectual, emotional, physical, social, and creative potential while building positive relationships with students.

    At Brightview, we consider ourselves to be a WISH school (Welcoming, Inclusive, Safe and Healthy). We help our students to be resilient, happy, healthy, caring and responsible citizens. Students will learn to be problem solvers, lifetime learners and contributing members of the community.

    We believe in the responsibility of the whole community to raise our children and give them the strong foundation they need to be successful in life!

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Welcome to Brightview


Principal's Message

Welcome to Brightview School!  On behalf of all of our staff, I want to welcome every family into our school community.  The staff here at our school are committed and dedicated to working with families so that each student is able to achieve their personal best. 

At Brightview School, we consider ourselves to be a 'WISH' School: Welcoming, Inclusive, Safe and Healthy. These four principles guide all we do a Brightview School to ensure that we have a safe and respectful environment for our students, staff, and anyone who comes into our school!

Along with our school-wide focus, we strongly believe that parental involvement positively impacts student success at school.  We ask all parents to take an active role in their child’s education by reading with them daily, attending school events, ensuring that homework is completed on a daily basis, and checking SchoolZone regularly for class and school updates.  

We also believe that the quality of a child's education is enhanced when home and school have a strong relationship built through open communication. We encourage and welcome families to contact school staff at any time to discuss their child’s progress in learning.  

At Brightview School, we have a strong school-wide emphasis on literacy, as developing fundamental skills in reading and writing can be the key to a successful school career. As a community of learners, we work to support and instill values and practices that give everyone a sense of belonging. All students will develop citizenship skills by being provided with opportunities to give back to Brightview School and to the greater Edmonton community. 

Children are gifts with limitless potential. Through the efforts of our entire school community, we can support our students in developing their own unique skills and talents and prepare them for a life of continued success!

Mr. Craig Hughson, M.Ed.