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    Brightview is an Apple School.  APPLE Schools is an innovative school-focused health promotion initiative that improves the lives of students in schools across Northern Alberta. APPLE Schools transforms school communities through an approach called Comprehensive School Health; (CSH). Each APPLE School is provided a School Health Facilitator (SHF) trained in healthy eating, physical activity, and community development. The SHF works with students, parents, school staff, and community members to develop a school action plan to meet the specific needs of their school. School action plans include activities led by students and are designed to make healthy living fun and engaging. Research has shown that student in APPLE Schools have better nutrition habits, are more physically active, and are more likely to be a healthy weight than other students across Alberta. It is estimated that the investment in APPLE Schools has already saved the province of Alberta approximately $233 million through avoided future health care costs, improved academic achievement, enhanced mental wellbeing, and better quality of life.

    Every month we have a Kids in the Kitchen program where some students are able to learn healthy cooking skills by cooking a healthy meal or snack.  This food is then served to students within the school, exposing them to healthy options to eat on their own.  We have a school Brightview Nutrition Policy that we follow, along with a Nutrition Guidelines Handbook For Families‌ for parents.  


    Schoolwide Guided Reading

    As a part of our reading instruction in our English Language Arts programming, we offer school wide guided reading.   Four times per week students meet in reading groups at their reading level for 45 minutes to work at imporving their reading skills.  This may be with their homeroom teacher, or may be with another teacher or Educational Assistant.  

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  • Parent Groups

    Parent Groups

    At Brightview we are fortunate to have a very active parent community, who financially work to support a variety of field trip opportunities for every student.  

    Parent input is essential in the operation of Brightview School. The parent advisory council meetings provide an opportunity for all parents to:

    -advise the school administration in formulating school policies

    -support the school's programs through volunteer and special projects

    -share information, ideas and concerns

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  • Clubs & Activities

    Clubs & Activities

    -Coyote Pride lunch group (Division 2)

    -Kids on Track afterschool

    -Running club (Division 2)

    -Choir (Division 2)

    -HACK after school (all grades but must apply at the office)

    -Pow Wow Dancing

    -Arts club 

    Student Leadership

    - Safety Patrols

    - Lunch Monitors

    - Morning Snack Helpers

    - Read to Succeed Mentors

    - Recycle Club (grade 4)

    - First Nation, Metis, Inuit Culture Leaders

    - Student Council

    - ATB Board 

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  • School Philosophy

    School Philosophy

    All students will be supported as they work to achieve their individual potential as learners at Brightview.

    We will assist students to develop their intellectual, emotional, physical, social, and creative potential while building positive relationships with students.

    We will help our students to be resilient, happy, healthy, caring and responsible citizens. Students will learn to be problem solvers, lifetime learners and contributing members of the community.

    We believe in the responsibility of the whole community to raise our children and build the future.

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Welcome to Brightview



Principal's Message

On behalf of all of the staff of Brightview School I want to welcome every family into our school community.  The staff of Brightview are committed and dedicated to working with families so that each student is able to achieve their personal best.

It is the mission of Brightview School to be a school of excellence that ensures high levels of learning for ALL students. To help achieve this goal the staff uses the following three Big Ideas to guide their work.

  • Focus on Learning – teachers will engage in the process of continuous and ongoing assessment to ensure our students have learned the concepts taught. Additional time and support will be assigned to students who have not yet met the learning standard.
  • Focus on Collaboration – at Brightview, adult learning drives student learning. To facilitate this, teachers will engage in regular collaboration to discuss and agree upon curricular outcomes, the most effective instructional strategies, common assessments and data analysis.
  • Focus on Results – Data from a variety of assessments:  Provincial, District Wide and classroom based will be reviewed continuously during the school year.  Information gathered from these sources will then be used to provide staff with further direction on instructional practices and strategies to support student learning.

It has been proven that the more involved a parent is in their child’s education, the more success the student will have.  We ask parents to take an active role in their child’s education by reading with them daily, attending school events and ensuring that homework is completed on a daily basis.

We look forward to working together to ensure that your child is able to achieve their personal best!

Welcome to Brightview School!

Lorna Nyitrai